How to Generate 30% Higher Response Rate From Your Direct Mail Campaigns and Skyrocket Your Profits 
Direct mail is the single MOST IMPORTANT foundational marketing strategy in a real estate investor’s toolbox—and it makes sense. With a few quick clicks, investors can get access to targeted lists of homeowners who are ready to SELL. If that weren’t enough, they can download countless done-for-you templates that let those prospective sellers know they mean business.
The only problem?

It doesn’t work… at least not this way.

Just think about it. You and every other buyer on the block are doing the exact same thing.

You’re buying the same lists.

You’re mailing to the same people.

You’re using the same tired messages.

But for some reason, you’re expecting DIFFERENT results? It’s just not going to happen.
Now, before you throw in the towel on direct mail altogether, know this: direct mail CAN work in new way—a way that’s personal, purposeful and POWERFUL.

In a way that gets results.

That’s exactly why I created the Massive Profits From Direct Mail Course!
This system works for one simple reason: it’s not like ANYTHING else out there. It’s NOT a plug-and-play and it’s NOT a bunch of done-for-you mailers or a template-based product.
Instead, this is a comprehensive system that will walk you through how you can create personalized, emotionally-charged, high-impact letters that can adapt to any audience. It takes a little more effort and a little more thought... but the results are off the charts. To me, that’s a fair trade.

I’m Anthony Moore, a born country bumpkin who graduated with a class of 62 people from a small town in Maine, with more than 14 years in the real estate investing business. 

I’ve touched virtually every corner of the real estate business, from land development, to short sale mitigation, to brokering, selling, buying, and new construction development. 

I’ve sold homes from the mountains to the Bahamas, to professional athletes, and been a part of record breaking sales in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Now all of that was a good time but the real fun started when I learned the key to generate seller leads all the time whenever I want. 

So what’s been the Biggest game changer throughout my journey? It’s simple: Mastering direct mail marketing to find and close millions in real estate deals.

To me, direct mail is the ultimate lead generator—if you do it right. 

But, as I’ve seen over and over, most people do it WRONG. I admit, I was guilty of making serious direct marketing missteps for years. 

I bought the templates, plugged in my info, mailed to their lists and waited for the phone to ring.

Guess what? It never, ever did. I was frustrated and discouraged, having blown so much of my marketing budget on low-performing campaigns. 

I was ready to throw in the towel on direct mail marketing altogether.

But, I knew there had to be a better approach to making direct mail work, and eventually, 

I cracked the code in a big way. And, now, I’m showing other real estate investors how to use this powerhouse marketing medium to get results by ditching the tired old systems once and for all.

Looking back, I can’t believe I let myself fall into the trap of sending crappy letters printed on crappy postcards sent to crappy lists. 

Now my direct mail marketing is a MACHINE. It delivers time and time again, no matter the market, no matter the audience and no matter the goal. 

More importantly, though, this tried and true method has been tested over and over by countless real estate investors and it works. 

 If you’re looking for another TEMPLATE, or CHEESY written letter, or a 2-month OLD lead list...don’t read ahead because that is NOT what I spent 13 months perfecting. 

What I created is something that actually works and helps you in several areas of your business. 

So get that mail out and get the phone ringing off the hook!!
Still using Done-For-You Mail Templates You Downloaded?
I know they suck.
I know they don’t get you results.
I know they feel awkward.
I know they’re completely disingenuous.
And I know you’re getting hate mail from sellers—or you will very soon…
That stops NOW. Ditch those templates and done-for-you letters to the curb once and for all. Together we’ll supercharge your business and your results.

The Approach Is Simple...
Be yourself, create direct mailers in your own voice, build your own list of sellers and the deals will follow. By steering clear of the over-hyped, over-used, over-marketed lists and letters, you’ll be able to engage sellers in a BIG way and close more deals.

Believe me, this approach WORKS. The best part? It’s EASY.

     ● No costly templates.
     ● No over-hyped or over-used lists.
     ● No hoping the phone rings.

Just a straightforward method for putting your best self forward and leveraging that confidence, clarity and conviction to close more deals.

This system takes you through every single step of the direct mail process—the exact process I’ve used to achieve unbelievable results. We’ll cover it all, from the perfect greeting to the right seasonal stamp—because, as you’ll discover, ALL of this matters and it all impacts your ability to cut through the clutter and stand out from the rest.
The best part? Once you can write in your own voice, you can use this skill in every single aspect of your business and life.

Every letter you write.
Every email you send.
Every page of your website.
Every follow up.
Every credibility packet.
Every PHONE CALL you take.

As you’ll see, this approach is simple, seamless and flows into every aspect of your every day—and that’s powerful.

I’m passionate about this approach for one simple reason: it’s the RIGHT approach and the ONLY approach I’ve seen generate results like these. With a little learning and a little practice, anyone can master this system—the feedback speaks for itself.

Real Estate Investor
"We are grateful he enabled us and coached us to not only structure
content and presence in our letters that have an appealing
approach to those in our community but also widely spread our story
and to help others, helping them understand the purpose of the
services we provide in residential redevelopment."

Real Estate Investor
"I got a $280k contact ARV $470k with $80k rehab. Within my terms.
I also got a $50k kitchen remodel for my project manager GC division.
Lastly, all I can say is I’m a foil for not doing this mailer sooner. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity on the podcast and advice. 
Here's What You'll Learn...

Lesson 1 - Writing Your Own Letter

How YOUR VOICE is YOUR SECRET weapon to direct mail success.  In this lesson you're going to learn the secrets I learned from sending out over Half a Million Letters that I crafted.  No templates here.  I am going to show you definitively why this is the only way to go

Lesson 2 - Targeting Locations vs Buying Lists

You've probably been told to "just buy a list" some place.  In fact maybe you were even lured in by the promise of downloading millions of names from all over the country by some software.  I hate to break it to you.... that doesn't work any more.  You see... EVERYONE has access to those lists, and EVERYONE is doing the SAME thing.  It's time to stand out and learn how to not only get more deals but get them in the areas YOU WANT vs the ones that want you...

Lesson 3 - Finding Your Target Location & List Building

Lesson 3 is all about honing in and identifing the target location that's going to work best for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  You see most direct mail coaches and programs teach you to just blanket a bunch of areas and go with what you get.  I want you to be hyper, laser, pinpoint (insert sharks with laser beams joke here) focused so you're getting deals in areas you WANT vs ones you don't. 

Lesson 4 - Storytelling

In this lesson I am going to show you how to effecitevly craft your story when writing direct mail pieces.  YOU are what makes the difference in mail that works vs template mail that doesn't.  However if you tell your story the wrong way you're going to turn people off.  There's a process to story telling and I am going to walk you through exactly what to say and how to say it.

Lesson 5 - The Anatomy of a Letter

So you've got everything set and now it's time to write your letter.  This systems is NOT going to simply provide you a bunch of templates to download, becuase you know now that isn't going to work.  Rather than doing push button (don't) get deal marketing I want you to understand every part of a letter.  Every paragraph is intentional and you're going to unlock the secrets of every part of a letter in this lesson!

Lesson 6 - Letter Fulfillment

Now you've got your letter written and it's ready to go out... how the heck to you get all of this amazing direct mail into the hands of your leads?  I am going to walk you through the same process that I have used to build my 8 figure real estate business so there is no guess work.
That's it... SIX simple lessons showing you how to DRAMATICALLY increase the response rate of your direct mail.  Based on proven systems that I and MANY other investors are successfully implementing. 
Ready to get going?  Click the button below to get started
This is THE direct mail method for smart, savvy real estate investors like YOU who are tired of throwing their money away. Countless investors have used this system to recreate THEIR voice in THEIR own letters, and we’ve proven over and over again that this success can be duplicated by anyone in any market. IT’S TIME...
To STOP being a template marketer.
To STOP using someone else’s list.
To STOP sending letters that don’t feel good, right or natural.
To STOP doing what every other buyer on the block is doing.
It’s time to harness the power of this personalized system to get the job done and close more deals FAST. It’s worked for countless investors and now it’s YOUR turn.

Frequently Asked Questions...
Why haven’t my direct mail campaigns worked in the past? 
It’s simple. You’re mailing to the SAME lists using the SAME message as every other real estate investor out there. Think about it—that direct mail company isn’t selling that list once, they’re squeezing as much juice out of the lemon as they possibly can. That means your letter could be stuck under a pile of dozens more—and it could sound exactly the same as every single one. Really, would YOU sell to that person? I didn’t think so…
Do I need a list to mail to? 
No. In this course, we’ll walk through building a rock-solid list based on your market, your goals, and your business framework. As you’ll quickly see, by casting a wide net we’re filling our deal funnel now and in the future—and that’s always a win. 
What if I’m not a great writer? That’s why I just use done-for-you templates…
My secret? I’m not a great writer either. But with this simple approach you’ll learn how to craft authentic direct mail letters that are 100% YOU. As you’ll see, these letters are easier to write because they come down deep—YOUR why, YOUR motivations and YOUR unique mission. From there, the words just flow… 
How Much Will This Cost.... Really?
No gimmicks, No Tricks, No Hidden costs.  This system is only $997 right now (although it won't stay at this price forever).  Plus we have an unconditional 100% money back guarantee to protect your investment.  If this system can help you do even 1 more deal a year, you'll have made back at least 5X your investment and probably a whole lot more!
Do I need to invest in any software, tools or other equipment?
No. As we’ll discuss, you’ll likely want to tap a fulfillment house to send out your direct mail pieces and that has a price tag. If you opt to send yourself, you’ll need to invest in the basics—window envelopes, stamps, paper and printer ink, for starters. These expenses can be curbed in a big way
Let me make it even easier for you...
100% Money Back Guarantee

Test drive the course 100% RISK FREE. Here's what I mean...
Go through the entire Massive Profits With Direct Mail Course, learn all my proven and time tested secrets, the step by step process that has helped me build an 8 figure real estate investment company...
and if after 30 days you honestly don't feel like you're going to make your money back, plus a huge return from what you implement with this direct mail system, you won't pay a penny. You'll get a full refund but lose access to the course.
So for people out there who think they can just "google it" to find this formula... All I can say is, none of this information is online for Free, and definitely not in a step by step process laid out for you to follow.   In fact, you can't even BUY this info somewhere else!
Now if you value your time, and you want to succeed fast, you'll just join the program because there's nothing else out there that teaches all of this in one spot.
And since you've read this far, you're obviously someone who is serious about investing in growing your real estate company, and you understand how you can save years of time, costly mistakes, and avoid the worst feeling of them all... regret.
You can avoid the feeling of regretting that you could've accomplished more, played bigger and had more impact and abundance in your life.
Now the good news for you is, because you're committed, and it's risk free, you can jump in and join now to get all the benefits and become more successful.
To join, just click the blue button below now and join the program.
I've made this course to impact people's lives, and will take all the risk away, with this insane guarantee, so investing in yourself is an easy decision.

What Are You Waiting For?
Get IMMEDIATE Access for just $1997 $997

Your Friend & Fellow Real Estate Investor

Anthony Moore
P.S: If you're this far into the page you know it's time to do more deals.  I know I can help you do more.  You've got the money back guarantee.  What have you got to lose?  I'll see you on the training
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